European Baptist Women's Union

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European Baptist Women's Conference
15-18 May 2008
Dalfsen, the Netherlands

Bible study leaders:

Dorothy Selebano

Yona Pusey

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Judith Parker - Joan Evans - Crises in Christian life. What happenes when we have to deal with loss, depression, illness, etc.

Lidia Maggi - Migration

Linda Schipper - Bibliodrama Workshop

Wies Dijkstra - Anneke Tessers - Creative Art workshop

Ksenija Magda - Women with a Mission

Lauran Bethell -
Where Would Jesus Be? The Christian Response to Prostitution and Trafficking

Dorothy Selebano

-A minister of religion.
-A single parent, mother of six children (two sons & four daughters) plus thirteen grandchildren.
-A widow, my husband, a minister of religion, passed on in 1987.
- A born again child of God.

Involvement in the Women's department:
- Very active at local level as minister's wife & as president at regional, national, continental and world levels.


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Academic Qualifications:
- A professional Nurse & midwife
- Diploma in Nursing Education
- B.A Degree in Nursing
- B.A Degree in Theology
- B.A Hons. Degree in Sociology.

Presently, The BWA Women's Department President

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Yona Pusey

During the five years since I was your President, and "Mother!", God has blessed me richly.  David and I now live in our old family home with its views of sea and cliffs; I am privileged to serve as our church secretary: a growing church which seemed to feel the need of an old head on its youthful shoulders!  We have some ministry among the young people of our church, which helps keep us young. Also I am increasingly committed to a sharing and redeployment of my western wealth with those in the two-thirds world.  My one sadness is that our own children and grandchildren live six hours drive away, in different directions; however they are all deeply engaged with their own local churches and ministries, and we give God thanks for that. 
Psalm 23 has always been a


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a special scripture for me; now the final verse sums up my testimony: "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.".

There are many references to water in the Bible.  What do the Bible pictures of water teach us?  In the preparation of this study I have been challenged, rebuked, blessed and inspired; I pray that God will speak through my words into all of our lives, as we gather around the spring at Dalfsen, and the "Water which springs up to eternal life".

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Judith Parker

At present I am working as a counsellor and a supervisor for a bereavement organisation.  I have been counselling for 15 years in general counselling and with a Christian Counselling service in Cardiff.

Although my early training and career was in teaching I felt the Lord calling me to spend more time in ministering to adults on a one to one basis. I am a Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and accredited with ACC (Association of Christian Counsellors) as a Counselling Manager.

Judith Parker

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I am married to a doctor, now retired; have three children and eight grandchildren!! As we live on the coast I love walking and gardening.

Joan Evans

I have been married to my husband, Vaune, for 42 years and we have 3 children and 7 (nearly 8) grandchildren.  We farmed, together, on the family farm until we handed it over to our son and are now semi-retired.

I trained in Secular and Christian Counselling and have been counselling for nearly 16 years.  For several years I lectured in counselling at the local college.  I work privately as a counsellor, supervisor of counsellors and also facilitate workshops for schools, colleges and other organisations.

Joan Evans

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On several occasions I have been to India on short term mission.

 I am Church Secretary of Bethesda Baptist Church, Haverfordwest, and, in 2006/7, was the President of the Baptist Union of Wales (English Wing)

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Lidia Maggi is a Baptist minister. She is serving in two different churches  in the north of Italy. Part of her time is dedicated to writing and preparing theological materials for Sunday school teachers of the different  protestant churches in Italy. She is the director of  "La Scuola Domenicale". Lidia has four children who help her to steer her faith in every day life.

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Lidia Maggi

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I am Linda Schipper. I am 44 years old and married with Bart; together we have 3 daughters. We live on a little farm and have sheep, dogs, rabbits, chicken and cats. We grow our own vegetables and fruit. It is a lovely place to live.

After I studied to become a teacher I went to university to study theology. For several years I have worked as a Baptist minister. Now I am a pastor in a nursing home. In that nursing home live elderly people who suffer from Alzheimer, elderly people who are mentally ill and people who suffer from Korsakov.  Beneath my work as a pastor I have my own practice in which I offer pastoral care for people who are dying.

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Linda Schipper

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Wies Dijkstra - Spoelstra from Holland

The northern part of the Netherlands - Friesland - is my homeland. Like Wales in the U.K. we have our own language, which is totally different from Dutch. This means I’m as well a Dutch as a Frisian lady. And like all the Frisians I’m very proud of my country and my language!

However the pride of my life – thanks to our heavenly Father - are my children: I’m a mother of four: 3 boys  and 1 daughter (-in-law)!

Wies Dijkstra

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She and our eldest son are blessed by the Lord with 4 children and in that way He has given my husband and me the most precious gift grandparents ever can get: 4 wonderful  grandchildren. And you’re guessing right: 3 boys and 1 girl... They are very special in our life!

Not only in our family life as well in our jobs, children are playing a very important role: Both of us – my husband and I – are teachers and we have a great love for children and young people.

Therefore the involvement in church work started with Sunday school. After that period I have been a secretary / vice-president of my Local Women’s group, secretary of the Region Women’s group and secretary / vice-president of the Dutch Women’s Union.

Now I’m serving the Dutch Baptist Women’s Union by being the representative/delegate of the EBWU. In that “job” I tell everybody what a wonderful organisation we have and how we can serve the Lord by Working Together and save the lives of many children here on earth and for eternity.

At the conference I will serve you in another way – Working Together with Anneke Tessers leading a workshop in Creative Art!

My name is Anneke Tessers. I’m 60 years old and married to Wim Ambachtsheer.

I have a thirty-three-years old son.
I love to do crafts and I like to make my own postcards and I'm knitting a lot.

There are so many things I like to do, that I am always lack of time.

Till January 2008 I have been the editor of our Dutch Baptist Women’s magazine "De Kandelaar".  The Women’s Organisation is part of my life. I think it’s very important for women have the opportunity to come together and to share.

Anneke Tessers

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At this moment I’m a leader of the Bible study group and editor of our Baptist church magazine, President of an interdenominational women’s group and I’m visiting young people in a youth prison in my hometown Spijkenisse as a volunteer.

 At the conference I ‘m a volunteer as well – Working Together with Wies Dijkstra  leading a workshop in Creative Art!

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Ksenija Magda is lecturer in New Testament at the Theological Faculty "Matthias Flacius Illyricus" in Zagreb, Croatia. She is married to Toma, a pastor, for 25 years. Together they have four children – Ela, Tamara, Kristian and Speranca. Ksenija heads the Croatian Baptist women's work. Her main interest is in encouraging people – primarily women and students - to become "wells of living water" for the society in which they are living. She loves creative stuff, mystery novels, film releases, walks and talks with friends, and cafe latte.

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Ksenija Magda

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Lauran Bethell was a teacher at an international school In Hong Kong when she felt God’s call to missionary service. Returning to U.S., she graduated from seminary, than was commissioned by American International Ministries for service in Thailand.

During her year of language study in Bangkok, she witnessed the plight of young women girls who are sold, tricked or willfully drawn into prostitution. Driven to offer the women freedom and hope in Jesus Christ, she helped  establish the New Life Center in 1987. 

Lauran Bethell

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Headquartered in Chiang Mai, the Center provides Christian education as well as literacy and job skill training. It rehabilitates those formerly involved in prostitution and works to reduce risk factors among other women.

Throughout the 1990s, Lauran shared her knowledge and experiences in international venues. She remained as director of the New Life Center until 2000. In 2001, she moved to Prague, Czech Republic, where she now serves as an international consultant to encourage and facilitate Christ-based ministries which address the exploitation of women and children.

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