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Prayer Requests



  • Latin America:
    - Our Congress in 2013. We need a good place and ask the Lord to show us.
    - The project "The child, our hope for Latin America"
    - The regional conferences in 2012. There are three: VIII Central America, Southern Cone III and II Bolivarian.
    - The missionary work in Latin America.
    - The two seminars of the Union Feminine Brazil.
    - The outreach projects for youth and adolescents.
  • Lebanon: Pray for the LBWU - women in Lebanon. They are working on the Constitution and a vision for the future in order to improve their status.
  • Japan: Pray for the thousands of victims of JAPAN PACIFIC COAST EARTHQUAKE DISASTER, who are suffering deep grief and immeasurable pain and hardship. Pray for God's Peace, Comfort, and Hope. Pray for the Baptist Churches of Japan that they will know and follow the Lord's leadership, and that we will walk with Him in faithful service. (Makoto Kato, Executive Director Japan Baptist Convention)
  • Czech Rep and Slovakia: Pray for the new Slovak committee: President: Ruth Madarova, Members: Jarmila Balazova, Judita Kolarikova, Ludmila Sykorov and the Czech committee: President: Vera Cernikova, Members: Helena Vcelakova, Marie Horackova, Jirina Vimpelova.
Personal Prayer requests
  • Pray for our President Livija Lame, for health and strength and inspiration on all her journeys.
  • Pray for Gina Bullica. She finished her ministry as President of the Timisoara district of Romania because of health problems. She did a very good job, and hopes to continue to support the women's ministry and to be a spiritual leader behind the scenes.
  • In March the brother-in-law of our secretary, Aniko Ujvari, suddenly passed away. Please pray for the family because it is very difficult for them.
  • Lorraine Walker, former president of BWU South West Pacific had to have breast cancer surgery on April 8. As far as we know now, it went well. Please keep on praying for her.
  • Our President Livija Lame was getting married on August 6, 2011. Pray for a happy and fulfilled marriage. We are very glad with her that she has met a supporting husband again.
  • The Netherlands: In the last 6 months the Baptist sisters of the Netherlands had to face the death of 4 beloved sisters from their Union. All four were very involved in the Baptist Women's Union work. Please pray for the family of Rena Bosma – Boiten 1924-2010, Grieta Olijslager 1945 - 2011, Truus Tuiten – Franken 1950-2011 and Janny Kuilman – Greidanus 1951-2011.
    “When I am standing on the threshold, my Lord, allow me to lay my hand in Your hand. Then my death will be birth!“
  • Our treasurer Elisabeth Vekas had to move out of the pastor's flat after the death of her husband Zoltan. The family had spent more than 20 blessed years there. Pray for Elisabeth and her children: that they may soon feel themselves at home in their new house.
General prayer requests:
  • Pray for the Middle East countries at this time of unrest and uncertainty. Pray especially for our Christian brothers and sisters who are suffering that they would be strong in the face of opposition and know constantly God's presence with them.
  • Pray for the children's camps being held in Europe throughout the summer that the children's hearts will be open to hear and receive the Word of God and His love as well as enjoy all the various activities they will be engaged in.
Give thanks
  • For the people of Wales, who took care, so very well, of the EBWU committee members during their Annual Meeting in Wales.
    For the surgery of our host Evan Morgan who had severe heart problems.
  • For the wonderful general meeting in May 2011 of the Lebanese Baptist Women‘s Union.
  • For the Baptist Congress of Latvia on May 20 and 21 in Riga. Our president Livija Lame was asked to do a short talk about Europe.
  • Give thanks for the health of the EBWU committee members. Several of them have faced serious health problems over the past months. We are so grateful that everything went very well for each of them.
  • Give thanks that our President, Livija Lame experiences, on her journeys, so much hospitality, love, co-operation and support.
  • Give thanks for the good results of the exams of our Secretary, Aniko Ujvari. She worked very hard!!


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