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Advices for the new year - Erzsebet Vekas

Is the Lord delaying?  - Erzsebet Vekas

Roma Women's Conference,
Akos, Romania, 17 September 2011

EBWU Conference,

Tallinn, Estonia, October 6-9, 2011

News and Views - biannual newsletter of the EBWU
- Summer Edition 202011

EBWU Committee Meeting,

Wales, March 15-20, 2011

Unusual schools - Erzsebet Vekas

News and Views - biannual newsletter of the EBWU
- Winter Edition 2010-2011

EBWU Leadership Conference,Hungary,
Budapest 2010, November 18-21

Obituary, Zoltan Vekas

In Memoriam: Julia Gerö

EBWU Devotional for October 2010

BWA Women's Department Leadership Conference,
Hawaii, July 24-27, 2010

EBWU Devotional for August 2010

Annual Women Conference, Serbia
16 May 2010

News and Views - biannual newsletter of the EBWU
- July 2010 issue

In-between - Carol Murray

What Christian Women Can Learn From the Philippians - Ksenija Magda

Moscow Election Conference, 23-25 March 2010

The message of the music - Aniko Ujvari

EASTER - a Powerpoint presentation by Wies Dijkstra-Spoelstra

Obituary, Elisabeth Flügge

Elisabeth Flügge celebrated her 100th Birthday

The executive of the EBWU committee meeting in Budapest,
- February 2010

Obituary - Lyudmila Andreyevna Pavlyuchenko

Advent reflection - Lina Androviene

Day of Prayer in Budapest, 2009

The Peace Child - Susana Mefford

Roma Women's Conference, Akos, Romania

Day of Prayer report, New Zealand, 2009

Baptist Union of Latvia, Women's Congres

2009 September Devotional - Margun Warem

News and Views - biannual newsletter of the EBWU
- June 2009 issue

Encouraging one Another - Margaret Brown

Blooming - Aniko Ujvari

EBWU Committee Meeting in Armenia,
and Conference for the Baptist women in Armenia,
30 March-3 April 2009

Bought and Paid For - Wies Dijkstra - Spoelstra

News and Views - biannual newsletter of the EBWU
- December 2008 issue

To Bathe a Princess, - Susana Mefford

EBWU Devotional for January 2009  - Margaret Brown

A praying woman - Erzsebet Vekas

Advent thoughts - Margun Warem

EBWU committee meeting in Prague,
28-30 August 2008





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