European Baptist Women's Union

    Past Events

        EBWU Conference,
    Tallinn, Estonia, October 6-9, 2011

        EBWU Committee Meeting,
    Wales, March 15-20, 2011

        EBWU Leadership Conference,
    Hungary, Budapest, November 2010

        In Memoriam: Julia Gerö
        BWA Women's Department Leadership Conference, Hawaii, July 24-27, 2010

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    Obituary, Elisabeth Flügge
    po russki по-русски

    Elisabeth Flügge celebrated
    her 100th Birthday

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    The executive of the EBWU committee meeting in Budapest, 6 February 2010

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    Lyudmila Andreyevna Pavlyuchenko
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    EBWU Committee Meeting in Armenia,
     and Conference for the Baptist women in Armenia, 30 March-3 April 2009

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    EBWU committee meeting in Prague,
    28-30 August 2008

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    Impressions from the
    EBWU election conference,
    15-18 May, 2008,
    Dalfsen, The Netherlands

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    Obituary: Karin Lundqvist,
    Visby, Sweden

    EBWU mini-conference for CIS countries,
    13 September, 2007, Chisinau, Moldova

    EBWU mini-conference for Western Europe,
    13-15 October, 2006, Prague

            Echoes of the EBWU Committee meeting,
    April 4-8, 2006, Norway, Algard
            In Memoriam: Kerstin Ruden
            BWA Women's Leadership Conference,
    Baptist World Centenary Congress

    July 23-31, 2005, Birmingham, England

    EBWU Committee Meeting,
    Regional Conference for Middle Eastern Women
    April 3-10, 2005, Larnaca, Cyprus

            Echoes of the EBF Council meeting in Lebanon
    September 22-26, 2004
            Executive Meets in Spain
    March 23-29, 2004
            The EBWU Conference in Rabac, Croatia
    May 22-25, 2003


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