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Baptist Women's World Day of Prayer


Day of Prayer in Budapest, 2009

Day of Prayer report, New Zealand, 2009

Report from
Baptist Women's World Prayer Day,
Timisoara (Romania)
5 November, 2007
  DOP offering report: Summer Camp for
Portuguese orphanage children, 2007
  Report from
Baptist Women's World Prayer Day,
Riga (Latvia)
6 November, 2006

On the first Monday in every November Baptist women unite in praying for one another and for worldwide social and evangelistic needs. In this way we benefit from being part of a world community.

  • We learn about each other
  • We understand one another's vision and struggles
  • We sympathise
  • We receive enrichment
  • We give and accept offerings for special projects

The first Day of Prayer was held in Europe in 1948 when women wished to bring about reconciliation between war-divided countries.
Today many countries worldwide still experience division rather than unity, and so the faithful work of prayer is carried on.
We give God thanks for the barriers which He has broken down, and in hope and faith we continue to pray for the reality of the kingdom in the lives of all His servants, and for its spread among people who do not recognise Him.

The annual programme is prepared by women from different continents in turn, and a tremendous network of translators work to bring the programme to their own unions.

Will you be a part of the prayer circle next November?

Our offerings...
are used to encourage various projects as mentioned further on. They also support our Headquarters, the mailing of the different publications, and the sponsoring of (leadership) conferences. In Europe our president, has a special travel role in order to encourage the individual unions.

How far would we go?
In some parts of the world, women are known to walk miles, some over mountains, to reach the place of prayer. In areas of Africa and Asia, women wade and swim small rivers to join in the prayer gathering. They carry their food, and leave husbands to care for their children and families.

For more information about the annual programme and projects please contact the European Women's secretary
Aniko Ujvari, 
Also if you would like to apply for our support.

Please visit also the
Baptist World Alliance Women's Department homepage,

Day of Prayer Program


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